Public Information

Meeting Minutes



Public Safety Bylaws

Regulate Burning – Bylaw No. 79/2015

Animal Control – Bylaw No. 83/2016

Abatement of Nuisances – Bylaw No. 37/2006

Control and Regulate Noise – Bylaw No. 82/2016

Control the Collection, Storage and Disposal of Sewage – Bylaw No. 24/2002

Regulate and Prohibit Discharge of Firearms – Bylaw No. 10/1997

Agreement Respecting Fire Protection Services – Bylaw No. 25/2003

Administrative Bylaws

To Set Minimum Tax – Bylaw No. 78/2015

Numbering of Houses and Other Buildings – Bylaw No. 42/2006

Property Tax Incentives and Penalties – Bylaw No. 44/2008

Penalty for Contravention of Bylaws – Bylaw No.34/2006

Fee to Appeal Assessments – Bylaw No. 32/2006

Public Notice Policy – Bylaw No. 31/2005

Increase Number of Councillors – Bylaw No. 51/2011

Council Procedures Bylaw – Bylaw No. 63/2012

Recreation Bylaws

Establish a Recreation Board – Bylaw No. 3/1977

Water Systems Bylaws

Water Management – Bylaw No. 21/2002

Fix the Rates to be Charged for Use and Consumption of Water – Bylaw No. 71/2014


Building Permit

a) Construction or placement of a deck $10.00

b) Construction, erection, placement, alteration, repair, renovation or reconstruction of building – $20.00

Development Permit

An applicant for a Development Permit shall pay an application fee in accordance with the following:

a) Permitted Principal Use – $125.00
b) Permitted Accessory Use – $125.00
c) Discretionary Basic Use – $400.00
d) Discretionary Standard Use – $750.00
e) Development Appeal Fee – $300.00 as specified be the Board.

Permit to Demolish or Move a Building – $1.00 plus $100.00 Deposit to cover clean up if not cleaned up properly