Permits and Fees

Development Permit
An applicant for a Development Permit shall pay an application fee in accordance with the following:
a) Permitted Principal Use - $125.00
b) Permitted Accessory Use - $125.00
c) Discretionary Basic Use - $400.00
d) Discretionary Standard Use - $750.00
e) Development Appeal Fee - $300.00 as specified be the Board

Permit to Demolish or Move a Building - $1.00 plus $100.00 Deposit to cover clean up if not cleaned up properly

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Reserve a Campsite

Reserve a Camp Site

PLEASE NOTE: Watch for link to new campground reservation site coming soon!

Reservations through the website will be accepted May 01/20 through September 15/19 commencing March 1st, 2020 at 8 am. Reservations through the office will only be available March 8, 2020 on. We look forward to your continued support of our wonderful campground.

Please Note : Assistance is available by calling 1-306-220-8487 Monday to Friday 10AM to 4PM (leave voicemail) or email: