Etters Beach Bylaws

Building and Zoning Bylaws

**Note - Please contact the Administrator for all application forms relating to the building and zoning bylaws**

Building Bylaw-Bylaw No. 25/2002

Consolidated Zoning Bylaw- Bylaw No. 30/2005

Zoning Bylaw Amendment - Re-zone Municipal Reserve- Bylaw No. 47/2009

Official Community Plan- Bylaw No. 29/2005

Official Community Plan - Re-zone Municipal Reserve- Bylaw No. 46/2009


 Survey Results- Zoning Bylaw Revamp


Traffic Bylaws

Regulate the Speed of Motor Vehicles- Bylaw No. 3/1997

Regulate the Operation, Parking of Vehicles and Use of the Highways- Bylaw No. 20/2001

Prohibit the Operation of All-terrain Vehicles- Bylaw No. 4/1997

Public Safety Bylaws

Regulate Burning - Bylaw No. 79/2015

Animal Control - Bylaw No. 83/2016

Abatement of Nuisances- Bylaw No. 37/2006

Control and Regulate Noise6 - Bylaw No. 82/201

Control the Collection, Storage and Disposal of Sewage- Bylaw No. 24/2002

Regulate and Prohibit Discharge of Firearms- Bylaw No. 10/1997

Agreement Respecting Fire Protection Services- Bylaw No. 25/2003

Recreation Bylaws

Establish a Recreation Board- Bylaw No. 3/1977

Water System Bylaws

Water Management- Bylaw No. 21/2002

Fix the Rates to be Charged for Use and Consumption of Water - Bylaw No. 71/2014

Administrative Bylaws

To Set Minimum Tax- Bylaw No. 78/2015

Numbering of Houses and Other Buildings- Bylaw No. 42/2006

Property Tax Incentives and Penalties- Bylaw No. 44/2008

Penalty forContravention of Bylaws- Bylaw No.34/2006

Fee to Appeal Assessments- Bylaw No. 32/2006

Public Notice Policy- Bylaw No. 31/2005

Increase Number of Councillors- Bylaw No. 51/2011

Council Procedures Bylaw - Bylaw No. 63/2012